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My name is Kelsiey Dorner. I am 20 years old, born July 7th. I have an amazing family. November 4th, 2009 is the date I got married to my wonderful husband. Our daughter Kaylee was born August 22nd, 2010. Our son Jordan was born June 12, 2012.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm still sick :/ Stomach bug is mostly gone but have a sore throat and cough. Got some robitussin, hopefully that will help. I dont want to be sick on Christmas Eve! 12 more days until we find out the baby's sex. I'm so excited. I really want a boy, because there aren't any in my family, other than my brother, but I think Kaylee would love a sister, I loved growing up with a sister close to my age. As long as the baby is healthy, I am happy.


Monday, December 19, 2011

2nd trimester.

Tomorrow is the first day of my 2nd trimester (14 weeks). Today I had an appointment, heart rate was 179bpm. They cancelled the ultrasound that was scheduled for today, and they cancelled my next appointment because my blood sugars are doing good, so we scheduled our 3D ultrasound for January 3rd, Ill be 16 weeks. Im so excited, these 15 days need to go fast! (: I also have a stomach bug right now, I don't feel like eating anything but soup. :/ Atleast Im keeping everything I do eat down, baby needs nutrients! (: Hopefully it's gone soon, I hate my stomach hurting all the time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

13 weeks.

13 weeks 1 day today. Everything is still going great. Baby's heart rate was 162 on Monday. I was getting scared because it took her a while to find it. Baby was very low right by my hip bone. (: 2 or 3 more weeks until we find out the sex, Im so excited! Also can't wait to go baby shopping, I love buying baby stuff, especially clothes. Not much else new right now. Have another appointment today, just a regular OB visit. Monday, 12/19, I have another ultrasound. My mom is going with to that one since Cory will be in school. I think she will like seeing the baby. (:


Monday, December 5, 2011

Another appointment today.

I had another appointment today. I was the nuchal (first trimester) screening/ultrasound. She said the baby's ultrasound measurements were good, don't know the results from the blood test yet. They canceled my Wednesday appointment though, which is good because it's freezing. Only 10 degrees today. Baby measured a day ahead, 12 weeks. I compared the 9 weeks 4 day ultrasound and the 11 week 6 day one, and the baby got alot bigger! (: Everything is doing good with the diabetes as well.